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Long term room in a large 70m^2 apartment in the city centre, great for students or people moving to Neuchatel. Close to all amenities and public transport. About 7mins walk from the train station. Access to the entire apartment including: high-speed internet, clean sheets and towels, double bed. Room locks with key ensuring safety and privacy. Please note that there is a TV but no TV box (meaning channels) however you can connect your computer to the TV and have free TV from the internet. This apartment is directly in the city centre so it is easy to get everywhere in Neuchatel from my place.
Entire apartment including washing room downstairs. Public transport in Switzerland is excellent. Pay parking 100m away. All amenities walking distance
Other things to note:
The apartment is very central so sometimes on Friday and Saturday nights you might hear some party-goers singing in the street, however it is otherwise very calm and in a very safe area.

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  • Rue de la Raffinerie, Neuchâtel, Switzerland (CH)
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